We sell packaging and accessories for flowers!

With an experience in the floristic world since 1992, we brought to the market a varied range of flower products, flower packaging and floral accessories of the best quality and at the lowest prices. We are also direct importers from factories in China, Korea, India, Germany, Italy, Holland, Hungary and Poland, which makes us have the best prices on the market.

Ambalajeflori online – a story of over 25 years

The packaging of a flower will never go out of style - proof of this fact is our existence on the market for over 25 years. Since 1992, we have been offering florists and flower enthusiasts the most beautiful flower packaging and accessories. Our goal from the very beginning has been to pass on our passion for flowers and their packaging to all people who know how to appreciate their beauty as much as we do.

Flower packaging online – wide range of accessories for flowers

We can say without any hesitation that we have the most varied range of flower packaging and accessories. Think of an original flower package, go to afo.ro and you will see that you will find it. We have always been in step with the trends in this field and have introduced into our offer unique packaging for all tastes. With the help of the accessories we provide you can create the most elegant floral arrangement or the most fun flower bouquet, flower arrangements for any kind of occasion, from weddings, christenings, anniversaries, even funerals.

In our online store you will find flower boxes, baskets, packaging, decoration elements, floral accessories, colored paper, all organized by category to make it much easier for you to browse. On our website you can find products such as cryogenic flowers, candles, artificial or soap flowers, unusual pots, flower vases, decorative elements, ornaments and much more. You no longer have to run to all the non-specialized stores to find the necessary accessories and packaging because you have everything at your disposal on afo.ro!

Do not hesitate to take advantage of the periodic promotions we have prepared for you and the themed packaging collections, such as those for Christmas. Also install the AmbalajeFlori app to order quickly anytime, from wherever you are and to track the status of your orders. We are constantly working to meet the needs of all our customers and make their work easier when it comes to shopping.

What do you recommend?

When we started on this road, we never imagined that we would get this far. Every time an order is placed on our site we are grateful and excited because we know that the packaging and accessories we pack will in turn make many people happy.

  • Experience: we have over 25 years of experience in this market and all customers have been satisfied with the quality of the products offered, but also with the affordable prices
  • Seriousness: We fulfill all orders as soon as possible
  • Professionalism: all packaging and accessories are chosen to meet certain quality standards
  • Quality: we import products directly from factories abroad, at the best prices

If floristry is your passion and you don't know how to turn this passion into a profitable business, we tell you the first step you need to take: a virtual visit to our store and placing your first order with flower packaging and accessories that they will help you build a reputation in this industry!